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ATV Gritter 1.0 m Width

ATV Gritter 1.0 m Width

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Stable and functional spreader for sand, gravel or salt for ATVs, UTVs, garden tractors or cars. 

• Mechanical agitation
• 4.00-8 tyre size gives a high diameter for good traction
• Studs can be mounted on tyres
• Standard holds 210 litres, or 290 litres with extension sides (not included)
• Tow ball and fork hitch included

The ATV gritter is a favourite among people needing to sand and salt their paths, roads, courtyards or other surfaces in both hot and cold weather conditions.

Mechanical agitator in the hopper

The mechanical agitator in the gritter's hopper loosens clumps of salt, sand and other frozen or packed dry material. The spreading auger is controlled by the deeply grooved tyres, which can be easily switched on and off on the wheel hub. The output quantity is easily set with the adjusting spring. 

The overall gritter height of 900 mm is low, making it easy to load and drive under filling stations. The 1500 mm track width also allows you to drive on small footpaths and cycle paths. The 4.00-8 tyre size gives a high diameter for good traction.

Studs can be mounted on the tyres

The gritter is supplied with a 50 mm mounted tow ball. The long tow bar makes it easy to manoeuvre and reverse with an ATV, UTV and car. A fork hitch is included in the purchase for mounting on ride-on mowers. The rough tread pattern of the tyres makes it possible to fit studs.

The gritter only covers the track behind the ATV and will not spread into ditches or grass, for example. This makes it more economical and comfortable as no sand is spread unnecessarily into ditches or onto other unintended surfaces.

The gritter also works with several types of dry materials.

The gritter in the pictures is equipped with extension sides.