Duport Liquiliser Injector

Duport Liquiliser Injector

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The Duport Liquiliser has been specially developed for injecting high-quality liquid fertilisers. The injection of insecticides, herbicides or water is also possible. The Duport Liquiliser consists of a sturdy frame with stainless steel wheels. The liquid is injected into the soil at the correct depth via the hollow injection points.  Advantages of this well proven method of application are:

  • Efficient uptake of product
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Accurate distribution / dosing
  • Reduced weed growth
  • Decreased stress sensitivity of the grass
  • High capacity
  • Durable and solid technology

In the agricultural version of the Duport Liquiliser, the distance between the wheels is 25cm. The injection points pierce the ground every 16 cm. The distribution hub in the wheels ensures that liquid only comes out of the injection point when it is pointing straight down.  The design of the point is such that it cannot block.  The liquid delivery rate can be variably adjusted from 250 to 1500 litres per hectare.

The Duport Liquiliser can be customised for any user. The standard working widths are 8, 12, 13.5 and 15 meters. The injection points have a length of approx. 8 cm and are suitable for arable land and grassland.  ISOBUS control systems are employed throughout, enabling full control with a Trimble display such as the GFX 750 with task controller option.

Compact versions of the Liquiliser are available with smaller diameter points for use in recreational areas and sports turf where they have many uses in fertilisation and soil pest control.

The Duport Liquiliser is most commonly for injecting liquid fertilisers into grass and arable land. The advantage of this is the high efficiency. Conventional granular fertilisers have a very lowe efficiency, particularly in dry conditions.  Direct placement of liquid fertiliser into the moist root zone has been shown to improve efficiency of fertiliser usage. In addition, this form of fertilisation has been shown to stimulate the development of the root system where conditions are appropriate. The aeration by means of the injection points also has a favourable influence on plant development.

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