Garford Robocrop In Row Weeder

Garford Robocrop In Row Weeder

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The Robocrop In Row Weeder takes the row location from vision system of the Robocrop High Speed Inter-row Hoe and adds another dimension by locating individual plants.  Computer control of the inter plant weeding units,  combined with the 'horse shoe' blades with circular action, gives an extremely high percentage weeding area.  The weeding blades can be hydraulically, or the more efficiently, electrically driven. 

The In Row Weeder is self-levelling and side-shift row seeking to ensure that it follows the rows and plants accurately. When working to its optimum, the machine can achieve forward speeds of up to 6 plants per second and is capable of weeding up to 98% of the unplanted ground. 

The Robocrop In Row Weeder is primarily designed to work in transplanted crops such as salads and vegetables, as a degree of inter plant spacing accuracy in the row is required.

The Robocrop In Row Weeder is ideally suited to the large production of reduced or pesticide free salads and vegetables, providing the grower with weed control which has lower costs than manual labour.

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