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Gritter, 1.3 m incl. cylinder and hose -Tractor-mounted gritter - special price EX DEMO

Gritter, 1.3 m incl. cylinder and hose -Tractor-mounted gritter - special price EX DEMO

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Tractor-mounted gritter with hopper volume of 350 litres and 1.3 m working width.  Equipped with hydraulic cylinder as standard for self-loading. Three-point linkage mounting. Spring-loaded bottom flaps give dependable Variable output. Equipped with an agitator which prevents blockage with lumps of material.  Quick-emptying function. Suitable for small tractors with CAT1 type linkage.

Kellfri's tractor-mounted gritters have a wide range of applications. The gritter is suitable for both ice clearing using various materials as well as the laying of sawdust and chippings in running tracks or similar or for top dressing green areas. With self-loading kit as standard, including hydraulic cylinder and hoses, which allow the gritter to self-load straight from the heap. When tractor-mounted, loading is easily and efficiently managed from the tractor's control panel by hydraulically angling the gritter backward. In the lowered position, reverse into the heap, lift the gritter back to the working position and the hopper will be filled ready for spreading to commence.

The gritter requires a single-acting, return and double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. The gritter is supplied with four hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses, hydraulic pressure rod and three-point linkage mountings.

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