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Log cutter and splitter, electric-powered - EX DEMO

Log cutter and splitter, electric-powered - EX DEMO

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Kellfri's log cutter and splitter, a portable, high-capacity firewood machine. Excellent safety with protective cage over the cutting area and two-handed safety control on electrical cutter. Splitting force 7 tonnes. Sawdust cleanout grate at the splitting axe ensures clean-cut wood with 2-way or 4-way splitting axe. Quiet operation, good working environment.

The log cutter and splitter does the job of cutting and splitting your firewood in a safe and effective way. The firewood is cut with a 2.2 Kw electric chainsaw with 16 Oregon bar then drops down into the splitting track, the design of which ensures centred splitting even with smaller logs.A 4 kW electric motor runs the hydraulic pump that supplies the splitting cylinder with the required force to split wood in two or four pieces. The machine requires a 16 Amp power socket.The two-handed safety control on the electric cutter and the large safety cage covering the splitting track ensure safe operation. The splitting process is interrupted if the cage is opened. Cuts dimensions up to 28 cm and splitting lengths up to 60 cm. Thanks to its top splitting force and portability it is a very flexible and affordable firewood machine. Its portability makes the machine suitable as a group purchase for instance by neighbours.Characteristic of Kellfri's machines is their excellent safety, stable construction and smart, affordable solutions.

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