MANTERRA CARE+CONNECT: Reliability, uptime security and peace of mind at an affordable, predictable price

​​​​​​​Planning for the season ahead has never been easier. With a MANTERRA CARE+CONNECT package you can remove any concerns or worries about maintaining your precision farming solution by becoming part of the MANTERRA community.

Your MANTERRA CARE+CONNECT package is individually tailored to your setup and comes with several added extras to really help you get the maximum out of your investment in precision agriculture.


• “777” helpline. Seven days a week, 7am – 7pm. When you need us, call*

• Expert support and advice

• Annual engineer site visit

• System checks and service updates

• Firmware status checks

• Data backups*2

• On-farm training and optimisation for the season

• Discounted parts*3

For legacy TrimbleTM displays (CFX-750 / FMX):

One years’ Rangepoint signal subscription or Terranet RTK*4

For TrimbleTM Precision iQ RTX Rangepoint displays, all of the above PLUS:

• USB Modem (enabling mapping features and remote support)

• RTK plus X-Fill Premium

• XFill Premium*5 - perfect for high level users where uptime is absolutely critical.

With the MANTERRA CARE+CONNECT package you can keep your guidance, steering and robotic equipment functioning smoothly at a locked-in price and rest easy knowing that we’ll be able keep you moving when it matters most.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Terms & Conditions:

12 months free MANTERRA CARE+CONNECT package with every qualifying purchase from MANTERRA Limited. Thereafter, these services will renew at £TBC / device for TrimbleTM RTX RP and £TBC for TrimbleTMRTK devices. For Autospray JetSprayer / XAG robotics systems costs will be £TBC 1st Machine, £TBC for 2nd. Labour included, parts and mileage costs charged at discounted rate as required. All prices will be confirmed at the time of launch (currently scheduled for late October 2021) and may be subject to change at any point without prior notice.

If the units have undergone any form of misuse, unapproved modification or firmware update, any right to request data recovery or repair under the MANTERRA Care+Connect package ceases with immediate effect.

Should you wish to cancel your MANTERRA Care+Connect package, you have the right to do so within 14 days of purchase, provided that you have not made use of the service. After this point, costs paid for MANTERRA Care+Connect are non-refundable.

The standard Trimble™ UK warranty for new guidance equipment remains in place and is unaffected by any aftercare package agreement.

Manterra Limited reserves the right to update, change and/or amend the terms and conditions contained in this aftercare package without prior notice.

Manterra Limited reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate this aftercare package without prior notice, provided that Manterra Limited shall not exercise this right unreasonably.

This aftercare package and these terms are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

*1 Helpline availability may be restricted on certain public/bank holidays, or due to COVID/pandemic controls, force majeure, etc.

*2 Data backups will be securely stored by MANTERRA Limited until the next annual cycle and will be used for the sole purpose of restoration or re-initialisation of guidance displays in the event of hardware failure or corruption of data on units protected by a MANTERRA Care+Connect package in compliance with UK GDPR regulations (Article 5(1)(e) and Article 30).

*3 Subject to availability and for the duration of your aftercare package agreement only. Parts offer specifically excludes consumable items such as: aerials, cable connectors in repeated use, fluid top-ups, oil filters, tyres, etc. Due to breakdowns in supply chains during these unprecedented times, we apologise in advance for any item you may require that is out of stock.

*4 Subject to hardware restrictions.

*5 RTK subscribers only.